Meet Sam

Business and Systems Nerd

You started your business because you loved it but the day-to-day work about work is draining your enjoyment.

I thrive as the person charged with bringing order and clarity through designing your digital office. I love simple workflows and efficient plans for using the tools that power your team.

I enjoy learning new programs (they come easily to me) but I know a people-first approach is the only way to ensure team buy-in and success.

I find the right tools and systems to meet needs effectively and accomplish goals productively.

When I'm not nerding out at work I can be found playing hide and seek with my two boys and being swept off of my feet by Ben.


Meet Ben

Video, Audio, and Live Event AVL Nerd

I love transporting a story from my client's mind into a video that not only looks and sounds great but also connects with the soul of the viewer and compels them to action.

I can create an environment that captures the best from the speaker, no matter their on-camera experience or comfort level, so that together we produce a video that they can be proud of.

The technical aspects of using video should never get in the way of you being able to leverage it. I want to make video storytelling accessible to everyone.

I value the use of technology to facilitate events and enhance experiences. I'm particularly concerned with eliminating the distractions in the event space caused by equipment misuse or disrepair or a poor cultural fit for the individual event.