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Below are some examples of how we can help. You'll find some of the most common ways we help leaders like yourself. We hope they'll be a starting point for a conversation about how we can uniquely help you.

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

Team Communication

Is your email inbox so crammed with inefficient internal messages that you’ve unofficially stopped checking it? There’s a better way. I can clear out the noise and bring the right people to the conversations, increasing the speed and productivity of your entire team. Identify problems faster, repeat yourself less, and free yourself from inbox overload.

Project Management

You know where you need to go but deadlines and dependencies make your brain melt. Your team isn't on the same page and frequently miss action items in all of the brainstorming and clutter. Never fear, we can help. Keep everyone rowing in the same direction and execute faster and more successfully with our help.

Social Media Calendar

Stop throwing content at your Facebook wall and hoping it sticks. Approach your content posting more intentionally and meet people in their daily lives. Engage the conversations your audience is currently having and deepen your client relationships with an intentional social media calendar.

Delegate Travel

Travel arrangements are often the last tedious tasks to be delegated because they're so deeply personal and important. We'll hone your travel profile so you can finally delegate travel bookings to someone else without sacrificing a single amenity.


Need a product comparison? Want to know all there is to know about the history of another company? Can you use a stack of research on a topic for a book or blog post? I'll dig it up for you and present it in a way that is detailed yet concise for easy review.


Video is one of the most valuable investments your business can make but you don't even know where to begin. We'll take care of the nerdy how-tos for making videos so you can focus on moving a story out from your mind and into a compelling video. The medium of video work should never get in the way of leveraging its power so we seek to make video storytelling accessible to everyone.

Live Events (AVL/Planning/Facilitating)

You know how you want your attendees to feel but you're not sure what it will take to make that happen. You want your event to be memorable. Let us eliminate distractions in the event space caused by equipment misuse or disrepair or a poor cultural fit for the individual event. We will approach your event with the end in mind whether it's the intimacy of a wedding service or the high energy of a concert.

Video Editing

Cell phone cameras are better than they’ve ever been. It’s easy to capture video footage of important moments or messages but how do you edit it to the level of excellence your audience deserves? That’s where we come in. Our video editing style is flexible enough to inspire the focused attention for a teaching video or the emotional energy of a marketing story. Let us polish your video projects for your social media platforms, marketing campaigns, live presentations, or family mementos.

Logo Animation

You’ve spent hours perfecting your content and years before that sharpening your expertise. Business happens in the digital world now and expectations are high. If you want to compete with the industry leaders you’ve got to have a strong brand awareness. Animated logos make an impact and communicate your brand’s identity through impressive and memorable visuals.


Does any of this sound familiar? We'd love to hear more. Let us wear the nerd hat for you.